Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sankata Devi : Om Namo Sankate Kasht Haarini Mata

                                 Om Namo Sankate Kasht Haarini Mata

About Sankata Devi: She is one of the Matrikas ( Matrikas are feminine powers who helped Devi in fighting the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh). Also known as Vikat MAtrika(Fierce Matrika). She is believd to protect her devotees from dangers and remove obstacles. In her dhyaan mantras, she is said to have 10 hands.She is one of the many forms of the Devi Maa.

Sankata Devi Temple: There is one and only one temple in India dedicated to Sankata Devi. And this temple is in Varansi, UP. I have been fortunate enough to Visit it twice till date. In the temple, there is a big 4-5 feet tall idol of Shree Sankata Devi, on her right is an idol of Hanuman ji and on her left there is an idol of Bhairav ji. There is a big Shivlingam in the temple premises and also there is a Banyan tree in the temple courtyard, which enshrines idols of Ganesh and Hanuman ji along with some Shivlingams. Fridays are special for worshiping Sankata Devi and there is lot of rush on Fridays in this temple.

Astrological Significance of Sankata Devi:

There is a Yogini Dasha concept in Astrology. It is a cycle of 8 yoginis. The cycle is as below:

Name of Yogini
Ruling  Planet
No. of  years in Dasha
One year
Two years
Three years
Four  years
Five years
Six years
Seven years
Eight years

This Sankata dasha is ruled by the planet Rahu.
Devi Sankata should be worshiped during the Sankata Yogini  periods and subperiods.My experience tells me that also in the following Vimshottari periods-subperiods, Sankata devi should be worshipped to remove obstacles and dangers:


About Sankata Mata Vrat:     Vrat for Devi Sankata is kept on Fridays. One can keep it for 7/11/16/21/31 Fridays. How to keep the fast depends on your own will. You can do naktbhukt vrat(eating only at night), ek bhukt vrat(eating once in the whole day), Nirahar Vrat( not eating at all) or Nirjal vrat(not eating or drinking anything throughout the day) as per your own inclinations and willpower.

Sankata Devi Eight Names:

सङ्कटा प्रथमं नाम द्वितीयं विजया तथा |
तृतीयं कामदा प्रोक्तं चतुर्थं दुःखहारिणी ||
शर्वाणी पञ्चमं नाम षष्ठं कात्यायनी तथा |
सप्तमं भीमनयना सर्वरोगहराऽष्टमम् ||
नामाष्टकमिदं पुण्यं त्रिसन्ध्यं श्रद्धयान्वितः |
यः पठेत्पाठयेद्वापि नरो मुच्येत सङ्कटात्||

The eight names separately are as follows:

1) संकटा
2) विजया
3) कामदा
4) दुखहारिणी
5) शर्वाणी
6) कात्यायनी
8) सर्वरोगहरा

Best to read them thrice a day in the three sandhyas ( Morning, afternoon and evening). Especially on Fridays.
Recite them 21,27,108 times once/twice/thrice a day daily or weekly on Fridays to appease Devi Sankata.

            Om Namo Sankate Kasht Haarini Mata

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Vedic Aspect of Devi - Devya-Atharv-Sheersh

           Namami Twam Maha Devim, Maha Bhaya Vinashinim |
           Maha Durg Prashmanim, Maha Karaunyaa Roopinim   ||

The Vedic praise to Devi , known as DevyaAtharvSheersh is recited on the ocasion of Vedic Praan pratistha of Devi Idols and yantras.
The formless and Omnipresent form of Devi has been very well described in this text. 
I would quote a small portion of it here. The Sanskrit text is somewhat like this:

Yasya Swaroopam Bhramaadyo Naa Jaananti, Tasmaad Uchyate Agyeyaa |
Yasya Anto Naa Labhayte, Tasmaad Uchyate Anantaa ||
Yasya Lakshyam Naa Uplakshyate, Tasmaad Uchyate Alakshyaa |
Yasya Jananam Naa Uplabhyate, Tasmaad Uchyate Ajaa ||                                      
Ekev Sarvatr Vartate, Tasmaad Uchyate Ekaa |
Ekev Vishwaroopini, Tasmaad Uchyate Nekaa ||
Atah, Evochyate Agyeyaa, Anantaa, Alakshyaa, Ajaa, Ekaa, Neketi ||


Even the Gods like Bhrama etc also do not understand her form, So she is called Agyeya;
She is the one whose End can not be reached, So she is called Anantaa;
Her motive is not known, so she is known as Alakshyaa;
Her birth is not known, therefore she is called as Ajaa;
She alone exists everywhere, so the Vedas call her Ekaa;
She alone is seen in the form of this whole world, so she is called Neka.