Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Akshay Tritya

This is one of the yugaadi tithis and also one of the Abhijeet Muhurats for doing all auspicious things.
  • This is a very good muhurat for all new beginings u want in ur life.. for all new ventures and for inaugration of anything new
  • One can energise all his yantras and gemstones this days and wear them again
  • Donating things like water, pots, fans and fruits to Brhamans is considered vey very auspicious on this day
  • One must worship Goddess Lakshmi and Shree Vishnu on this day
  • It is also Shree parshuraam jayanti.. and parshuraam pooja is done this day
  • Its the starting day for satyuga
  • All jap, pooja, path, daan and snaan done on this day have everlasting punya fal.
  • All shanti karmas(rituals for subdueing malefic planets and doshas) can be done on this day
  • Buying gold on this day and keeping it in your purse/locker etc is very auspicious( but as per my view, people with neech brihaspati must not do this)
So, Do use this Swayam Sidh Muhurat ..