Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shani Jayanti

The amavasya of hindu month "Jyestha" is the birth-date of Shani grah. Worshiping Shanescharan on his birthday is definelty a good remedy .

Rituals for shani jayanti:

1) doing abhishek of shani grah with oil.

2) Reciting shani graha stotra/chalisa/kavach etc.

3) fasting on this day

4) worshiping Hanuman, rudra , kali and bhairav jee is also auspicious for shani grah related problems. in this worshiping hanuman ji with bajrang ban and chalisa and rudrabhishek for shiv ji is the best n safest remedy.

5) And helping labour class people is one thing, which will definetly please shani

6) feeding ants , crows n black dogs.

Om neelanjanam samabhasam ravi putram yam aagrajam,
Chaya maartan sambhutam tam namami shaneshcharam.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Akshay Tritya

This is one of the yugaadi tithis and also one of the Abhijeet Muhurats for doing all auspicious things.
  • This is a very good muhurat for all new beginings u want in ur life.. for all new ventures and for inaugration of anything new
  • One can energise all his yantras and gemstones this days and wear them again
  • Donating things like water, pots, fans and fruits to Brhamans is considered vey very auspicious on this day
  • One must worship Goddess Lakshmi and Shree Vishnu on this day
  • It is also Shree parshuraam jayanti.. and parshuraam pooja is done this day
  • Its the starting day for satyuga
  • All jap, pooja, path, daan and snaan done on this day have everlasting punya fal.
  • All shanti karmas(rituals for subdueing malefic planets and doshas) can be done on this day
  • Buying gold on this day and keeping it in your purse/locker etc is very auspicious( but as per my view, people with neech brihaspati must not do this)
So, Do use this Swayam Sidh Muhurat ..