Monday, January 10, 2011

BudhaAshtami Yog

Some combinations of tithis(dates) and days are considered very auspicious. Examples are: 

  • Saptami tithi + Sunday
  • Ashtami tithi + Wednessday
  • Amavasya tithi + Monday
In this article I would discuss about the Ashtami tithi plus Wednesday  Combination. It is known as BudhaAshtami.

Traditionally, on this day durga devi is worshiped. Keeping a fast on this day removes previous janam sins.
Also, it is effective for Budh graha dosh removal. People with afflicted bhudh in their horoscopes or people who are running budh grah mahadasha/antardasha should fast on this day or worship budha deva.

My recommendation:

This is a very auspicious day for karma removal rituals, one should worship:

Ganesha:  Wednesday is associated with budhi(intelligence) and Ganesha is the lord representing intelligence
Durga Devi: She is associated with ashtami tithi and budha graha(as per lal kitab) 
Shiva/Bhairav: Ashtami tithi falling in the krishna paksha is associated with Bhairav
Vishnu/Krishna: Krishna was born on a ashtami tithi, and the day was also wednessdsay
Budha Graha:  Wednessday is associated with Budha planet

One can worship the devtas as per the individual inclinations / desires:

Ganesha: Removal of Obstacles , Intelligence and Wealth
Durga Devi: Removal of Obstacles , for gettig difficult tasks accomplished
Shiva/Bhairav: Rahu/Shani/Ketu/Budha shanti and Removal of Obsctacles
Vishnu/Krishna: For all round happiness and peace
Budha: For budha related issues, as per the horoscope

Special Stotras to be recited for this day as per the devta:

Ganesha: Sankat Nashan Ganesha Stotra
Durga Devi: Chandi Kavach/ Durga 108 names/ Durga 32 Names/ Durga Aapad Udharak Stotra
Shiva/Bhairav: Mahamrityumjaya Mantra and Bhairav Sahasranaam
Vishnu/Krishna: Vishnu Sanahranaam and Gopal Saharanaam
Budha: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaye Namah and Budh graha stotras

Astrological Tips for the Day: 

1) Feed cows with Palak(spinach) and green fodder

3) Donate green sari/cloth, green bangles and green moong daal with soem money to an enuch

4)Donate green sari/cloth, green moong daal, cardmom and spinach  with soem money in a temple.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Surya Grahan

According to the astronomers when the earth and moon are positioned in the same line i.e. when the moon is between the earth and the sun, the rays of the sun are not able to reach the earth and due to this a part of the sun becomes invisible. This is known as the solar eclipse.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses have a special significance in the field of Sadhanas. It is a much awaited time for people involved in mantra jap and tantra. 

Reason being that a mantra chanted 1000 times during an eclipse is equivalent to chant it 125000 times during normal days.

One among the many types of punashcharan is: One should start chanting the ishta mantra when the eclipse starts and should continue till it ends. this ensures that the mantra gets activated for the sadhak and starts working for him/her.

In general, one should do mantra chanting and stotra path during this period. The mantras and stotras one chants in his/her daily puja, if chanted during eclipse become more powerful and activated.

Note: Moorti Sparsh and Pooja of Idols etc is not allowed during eclipse, only mantra chanting / Stotra path should be done.

Some Dos and Donts during Eclipse:

  1. From the starting to the end time of Eclipse, its beneficial to do meditations, chanting of mantra, Hawan, and prayers.
  2. Idols of God should not be touched during Solar Eclipse. After the Sutak period, you should take bath and wear new clothes and the sculptures of God should also be washed with Ganga Jal and made to wear new clothes.
  3. The chanting of Favorite God, guru mantra, Gaytri mantra, Mahamrityum jaya mantra, Vishnu Sahasranaam should be done by lighting a deepak.
  4. At the starting of eclipse, one should take a bath, in the midst of the eclipse mantra chanting and Homa  should be done, after the eclipse donations should be made.