Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shani Jayanti

The amavasya of hindu month "Jyestha" is the birth-date of Shani grah. Worshiping Shanescharan on his birthday is definelty a good remedy .

Rituals for shani jayanti:

1) doing abhishek of shani grah with oil.

2) Reciting shani graha stotra/chalisa/kavach etc.

3) fasting on this day

4) worshiping Hanuman, rudra , kali and bhairav jee is also auspicious for shani grah related problems. in this worshiping hanuman ji with bajrang ban and chalisa and rudrabhishek for shiv ji is the best n safest remedy.

5) And helping labour class people is one thing, which will definetly please shani

6) feeding ants , crows n black dogs.

Om neelanjanam samabhasam ravi putram yam aagrajam,
Chaya maartan sambhutam tam namami shaneshcharam.

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