Thursday, October 25, 2012

Planets and their importance

Graha Rajyam Prayachhanti, Graha Rajyam Haranti Cha, Grahaeè Vyapatam Sakalam Jagat

Meaning: Planets not only grant and snatch away Kingdoms but are also responsible for existence of this whole Universe.


  1. yah its true 100% i have experienced he worst negativity andthe posiivity has just begun!

  2. you have been a motivator and i have followed ur advise wand will continue to follow lucky to have you in my life

  3. well everything is destined and we are the mere players of our part on this stage and jyotish is the guide we have no choice but it can be easy with jyotish making easier!
    its your choice to believe it today or t'row but believe you must!!!!!!!!