Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Jist of Lal Kitab and Astrology

                                                              Bimari ka bagair dawai bhi ilaj hai,
                                                magar maut ka koi ilaj nahin;
                                                duniyavi hisab kitab hai,
                                                koi dawa-ae-khudai nahin.

This is the opening line of the world famous Lal Kitab( A book on astrology based on the experience of a very knowledgeable and learned astrologer. This book was written in Urdu.)

Meaning: The author of Lal Kitab says that diseases( as in problems in life) have solutions through astrology, but death(Destiny) has no cure. Further, he says that astrology is basically like a balance sheet of your karmas , it is not a miracle or some super power(God) which can change anything and everything.

In a nutshell, astrology is a guide which can show you the way in advance , but can not change your fate. But, yes it can help you reduce your suffering through its powerful remedies.

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